We value our time just as you value your time, and our pricing structure reflects this.  We have looked at the average rates our clients charge their customers, and that's broadly what we'll charge you.

Our experience shows that between one and a half  and two days is spent each year on the affairs of each of our freelance clients, and this means that the average bills for all accounting and tax will be about 720 a year -  60 a month.

So here's the deal.  You do what it says on the "
What You Do" page, pay us 60 a month by standing order, and we'll do what we say on the "What We Do" page.


If you tell another freelancer about us and they then appoint us, we'll discount your fees for that year by 20% once we've done the first set of accounts for them and we've been paid for those accounts by them, for up to 4 new clients a year.

So bring us 2 clients in a year, and earn a discount of 36% - 3 clients 48.8% - 4 clients 59% !!!
(If two people claim a discount for the same new client, we'll have to find some way of splitting the discount between you.)

Alternatively, if you prefer to be billed when the work has been done, we will charge you for time spent at your average hourly contract rate.  When you've returned the signed accounts to us and paid us, we'll file them, do the tax and so forth.  We will bill you separately for your personal tax returns, your end of year PAYE returns and your annual return to Companies House.